Some of your uncontrolled COPD patients may be appropriate candidates for nebulized therapy

Poor inhaler technique may lead to inadequate drug delivery3,8-10

Consider nebulized therapy for patients with challenges using handheld inhalers.

Have you seen patients like us in your practice?

*Not an actual patient.

I struggle with my inhalers.

*Not an actual patient.

I have insufficient inspiratory force.

*Not an actual patient.

I am transitioning from hospital to home care.

*Not an actual patient.

Susan is experiencing cognitive decline.

-Susan’s husband and caregiver

Have you considered the role of nebulization in COPD maintenance therapy?

Nebulizers: a user-friendly option for COPD patients2

  • Nebulizers require only normal tidal breathing and do not require extra effort generating adequate inspiratory force rate3-5
  • No hand-breath coordination is needed3,6
  • Today's nebulizers include compact, portable, and low cost options for most patients7,21

Are your patients able to use their devices properly?

Patient confidence level with medication devices3

Percent of patients reporting they were very confident about medication delivery by device type3

  • Small-Volume Nebulizers
  • Soft-Mist Inhalers
  • Metered-Dose Inhalers
  • Dry-Powder Inhalers
  • 100
  • 80
  • 60
  • 40
  • 20
  • 0

Selected responses from a 127-question, quantitative, web-based, descriptive, cross-sectional survey of 499 patients with COPD in the United States. Survey participants were aged 55 to 74 years, predominantly former smokers, and were randomly chosen from a panel of individuals with self-identified COPD.

  • 61% to 69% of patients believed that they used their device correctly all the time; patients using small-volume nebulizers were the most confident3

Jet nebulizers are commonly available

  • Jet nebulizers are considered standard among all nebulizer types2
  • Most are 100% covered as durable medical equipment (DME) through Medicare Part B20*

*This is not a guarantee of coverage. Site of Care will determine coverage. Check with your patient’s insurance provider for coverage rules and restrictions. In certain limited instances, YupelriHCP may be covered through a patient’s Medicare Part D pharmacy benefit.

Among COPD patients in the United States:


have a nebulizer
at home4

These data are referenced from a 2008 survey.

Based on the estimated prevalence of COPD in the US, several million patients use nebulizers on a regular basis4