The safety profile of YUPELRI has been demonstrated in 3 clinical studies

  • Safety database included 2,285 patients with COPD in two 12-week efficacy studies and one 52-week long-term safety study1*
  • A total of 730 patients received YUPELRI 175 mcg once daily1

Adverse reactions from two 12-week placebo-controlled efficacy trials (N=813)

Chart showing adverse reactions from two 12-week placebo-controlled efficacy trials. Adverse reactions greater than or equal to two percent incidence and higher than placebo. Common adverse reactions located in Important Safety Information
Fewer patients discontinued treatment with YUPELRI (13%) than with placebo (19%)1

Safety results from a 52-week, long-term trial vs tiotropium (N=1,055)1

  • YUPELRI was studied in a 52-week open-label active control safety study in patients with COPD (YUPELRI 175 mcg QD, n=335; tiotropium 18 mcg QD, n=356)
  • The adverse reactions reported in the long-term safety trial were consistent with those observed in the 12-week placebo-controlled studies
*Included patients who received an investigational 88 mcg/day dose of YUPELRI.